• Visit some of the Africa’s leading high schools.
  • Engage face to face with students.
  • Build and maintain relationships with careers advisers and school directors.
  • Maximize your experience with an all-inclusive tour.

We are moving towards an increasingly digital world with the growth of AI and robotics, but there are still several areas where human interaction is important and takes precedence over technology. An example lies in student recruitment events, where universities can connect with students on a personal level, allowing them to learn more about how that university could be a good fit for them.

Every year, OPUVIA focuses on organizing student and talent recruitment events that brings access to quality education and vast career opportunities.

To this our high school visits are great opportunities for our local and foreign educators to meet face-to-face with prospective quality students on their campuses and classrooms who might be interested in studying in their institutions, because we believe “Nothing can replace…face-to-face interaction’’.

Our high school visits are open to all registered and confirmed OPUVIA FAIR and OPUVIA DAY exhibitors who wishes to join us for these visits which are focused primarily on undergraduate recruitment.

Our visits are an excellent way to meet high-quality students at some of the best elite high schools in Africa.

Our goal is to maximize your time with students, while still allowing you to build relationships with their career advisors and school administrators.

The elite high schools we visit during every tour are carefully selected by our experienced liaisons, and all the schools we visit have a tradition of excellence in teaching, high student achievement, and a commitment to assisting students in finding their educational and career paths.

Friendly OPUVIA staffs take care of the planning, organization and management of all aspects of the High School Visits leaving representatives free to focus on their interactions with students. Not only will this translate to a successful tour, but also a comfortable and carefree one.

  • Rely on our 9+ years of experience in the industry;
  • Our tour leaders work hard to secure the best school line up for each tour;
  • Small groups to ensure a better promotion of your institution;
  • Flexible tours to meet your specific needs;
  • Reasonable rates. Whether you join us for the all-inclusive tour package or not, OPUVIA has the most competitive prices in the industry;
  • Special events and networking opportunities, created to add value and maximize your recruitment trip;
  • Our commitment to helping students and universities connect and meet their goals!