OPUVIA DAY is a campus career day and job fair that aims to connect students and grads to millions of employers while providing them with resources they need to succeed in their chosen careers. Campus Career Day and Job Fairs are a great way for organizations to connect with  students and build brand on host school, college and university campuses. 

OPUVIA DAY is designed to give students the opportunity  to explore career opportunities, meet prospective employers and practice professional behavior. The day is valuable to students not only for their first ventures into the professional world but relevant for future job changes.

OPUVIA in collaboration with your school, college or university can host a number of campus career day and job fairs during an academic year to meet students and grads hiring and employment needs.



OPUVIA DAY aims at developing leadership potential in students, graduates and teachers with the aim of orientating and providing a deep understanding of future emerging careers.

OPUVIA DAY is born to be an interactive bridge to connect students from high schools, colleges and universities across Africa with leading corporations and small medium enterprises, who are seeking for potential employees.

OPUVIA DAY gives an opportunity for students to learn about different careers and explore fields of interest. Alumni, parents and friends join  students and teachers to share their experiences and advice regarding their chosen professions. Speakers cover topics such as educational requirements, job opportunities and potentials for career advancement and growth. Students are also encouraged to ask questions regarding their fields of interest and think about their ambitions for the future.